“Cool vibe..."

“Cool vibe, friendly people, professional and charismatic coaches all combine to make every workout fun yet extremely efficient. It's science and it works!

— S.L.

“Best gym ever.”

“I drive two hours (from bakersfield to DTLA) just to train with Willard Ford and his coaching staff. Yes....its THAT good!” 

— J.S.

“I was immediately taken by the contemporary, minimalist design; a rare vision in the world of combat sports. It's also great to find a great martial arts school that's not in a strip mall somewhere outside of town.

— Fightland


“...the atmosphere is always a fun place...”

I have been a student here for the past four years. I came by on the recommendation from a friend and I am glad I took his advice. I come by 3 to 4 times a week and take every class I can because I know the value that I am getting in terms of instruction. From boxing, mma, wrestling, and bjj all instructors care about the development of each individual whether you have been here for years or just walked through the door. The level of detail is like no other. The instructors give clear instructions on what they want you to do and make sure that you understand why you are supposed to do certain things. The gym is well maintained and kept clean. The students also support one another so the atmosphere is always a fun place to be.  Here you will be able to develop your skills and physical attributes as long as you put in the time.

— G.H.

“SSG is a safe haven..."

In the martial arts world, we're often stuck choosing between McDojos packed with fat idiots dancing in slow motion or a padded room full of alpha males measuring dicks. Essentially, you're either stuck in a cheaply carpeted roomful of delusional pseudo-psychopaths, or what may as well be a prison yard where everyone knows BJJ and throws head kicks.

SSG is a safe haven for any breed of martial arts enthusiast. Whether or not you're highly athletic, the coaches will push you. If you're more cerebral than physical, they'll engage you on that level as well. Best of all, nobody has anything to prove. The goal is to get in shape, learn legitimate combat sports technique, and have fun--and Strong Sports Gym accomplishes this goal with every class.

I've been training one martial art or another for the past 25 years. I really enjoy learning and getting my ass kicked. Of all the MMA gyms I've been to over the years, Strong Sports Gym is by far the best. The coaches are world class. Not only are there big names a la Frank Trigg, Vlad Matyushenko, and Mac Danzig, the curriculum itself is incredibly high level. I've been a teacher for a decade and I've come across few lessons so well devised as the ones I've enjoyed at this little--albeit exceptionally clean--hole in the wall in downtown LA.

Moreover, the culture of the gym is amazing. The owner, Willard Ford, has done a brilliant job cultivating a friendly, comfortable, fun group dynamic unlike any I've ever seen in the martial arts world. The students watch boxing matches and MMA fights together, and even support one another socially and otherwise outside of the gym. I've made legitimate friends learning at SSG and look forward to my next opportunity to visit and train.

— G.H.

"Great staff and trainers!"

Great staff and trainers!! All members of the gym are first class people!! Great atmosphere, family like and you always feel welcomed! I've been in other fight gyms and this is without a doubt the best one. If you want the best in MMA, Boxing and Strength & Conditioning Strong Sports is the place to be!

— J.P.

“...it's all worth the 20-30 minute drive..."

"I've been taking the gamut of classes at Strong Sports Gym for almost a year-- Strength and Conditioning (fitness building), Boxing (good for the soul / skill building), Olympic Weightlifting (goal oriented), MMA Conditioning (sore for a few days) and BJJ (first steps to self defense) and I have yet to try the MMA class. After two decades of working out at large, corporate gyms I soon realized that this was vastly different -- Individualized attention, an amazing coaching staff of professional athletes, a clean atmosphere, really cool people, workouts that are skill-building, generally fun and so much more. Willard Ford (at the helm) knows his stuff and will share it with you. The classes all mesh together "magically" (but not so magically, rather calculatedly) to gain strength, flexibility and endurance across all platforms. I've gained strength, fitness, endurance, faster 5k times, confidence and a new set of friends and it's all worth the 20-30 minute drive 5-6 days a week. Strong Sports Gym is a gem, yet the saddest kept secret in Downtown LA. Shhhhh."

— S.L.

“...I feel great..."

I've been coming here for 8 months now and I feel great. The instruction is top notch, the other people that work out there are good people, and the facility is clean and nice.  But most importantly, I've got in great shape, and i've enjoyed doing it."

— M.S.

"...the best combat sports gym..."

I have been coming here since August 2015 and it is the best combat sports gym that I've ever come across.  As a massive boxing fan, I've always aspired to learn the true fundamentals of the sweet science.  Prior to moving to LA from NY in 2014, I trained at many different boxing gyms (Gleasons, Mendez, Kingsway) without learning the proper basics.  Now I've finally found a gym where the coaches teach proper techniques with real competitive sparring.  Moe Drasin and Willard Ford are just fantastic boxing coaches who really take the time to oversee your development.  Recently, I've started to learn grappling from Mac Danzig (former UFC fighter) whose knowledge of submissions and body positioning (in combat) is off the charts.  I may never move to another city because of this gym!

— P.L.