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With just under four weeks left in the competition, no true front runner has emerged to claim the lead! If history is bound to repeat itself, the likes of Dino Espinosa and Willard Ford look to claim the top spots once again. Don’t sleep on newcomers Jared Northrop, Jason Wei, Adrian Ariosa, or Malcolm Ford though, each has added weights sessions, daily cardio and conditioning workouts, and better eating habits across the first two weeks and look to break into the top five by the end of the competition. In the end, consistency wins and it’s not too late for you to jump start your efforts with the following tips:

  1. Consistency: whether it is committing to weekly cardio efforts, daily macros, or improved sleep habits, start NOW and keep it up for the next four weeks and beyond! Anyone can follow a plan for two weeks and see some change, but the point of this contest is to set sustainable habits around health and fitness!

  2. Hydration: keep up with your 3 liters of water daily (or more!)… if you started hydrating consistently at the beginning of the competition, your body expects you to provide it that amount or more! Water helps your muscles recover faster, flushing out muscles from your workouts, while also supporting vital organ function and digestion.

  3. Freshen it up: Between now and next week – CHANGE UP YOUR WORKOUTS – and pick new movements for weights, perform your cardio with different intervals or for longer, steady duration. Your body will enjoy the CHANGE and ADAPT accordingly, especially if your current workout plan is the same routine completed for the last few months.

  4. Food log: Track your macro-nutrients and calories using a service like MyFitnessPal. Studies show that logging daily food intake is one of the main factors for sustainable weight and body fat loss – doing so will help you see exactly how much of the good stuff (and bad stuff) you are getting. Remember to schedule your free health and performance consultation with the front desk to learn about which performance tests could best help your efforts the next month!

  5. Fueling and Recovery: Be sure you are eating enough; before and after workouts, during long workouts, and across your day. Crash diets and “bingeing” often occurs due to under-eating and dehydration and can create digestive issues! Keep eating a balanced diet and lean towards foods that your body does not experience bloating with after consumption.

  6. Meal plans: Try Kettlebell Kitchen, our new meal plan providers. The front desk can direct you to gym specials. Knowing your macros and following them is a surefire way to loose fat or gain muscle, the only two legit paths towards more favorable body composition.

That’s it for now! We will see you at the midway point, check-in #2 this Saturday from 8:30-10 am.