Willard FORD

Willard Ford is the founder of Strong Sports Gym. The self described "Assistant Assistant Coach" helps with all classes as well as organizes the coaching staff, and general gym schedule and activities. 

Willard started in traditional martial arts but took up "western-style" wrestling, boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) over 20 years ago. His background in competitive endurance sports also makes him the house authority on training methodology and practices. 


Mac Danzig is the Head MMA Coach at Strong Sports Gym. He draws from a storied career in fighting, including victory in the Ultimate Fighter, as well as numerous titles and title runs during his 14 year fighting career.

As a strict vegetarian, Mac is expert in the connection between diet, nutrition, and elite sports. 


Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko is a former Soviet wrestling champ and veteran of over 40 professional fights in the UFC and other premier fighting leagues. His palmares include championship titles and victories over some of the biggest names in MMA. 

This no-nonsense Belarusian export is known for coaching at the highest level. 

Kengo URA

Kengo "The Japanese Assassin" Ura has fought professionally for over 12 years, culminating with the welterweight title in his native Japan where he was "King of Pancrase." He continues to fight internationally and also owns and operates Strong Sports Gym - Japan. 


Despite his gentle demeanor, Kengo is expert at all ranges of combat and teaches in both English and Japanese. 


A runner up at The Ultimate Fighter, Jamie Yager continues to fight in Bellator and other organizations using his signature style combining Thai kickboxing and western wrestling. 

Jamie is an acrobatic and explosive athlete and as coach can help you bridge the gap to physical fitness and proficiency in the combat arts. 

Howard LIU

Howard Liu (a.k.a., The Rabbi) is the elder statesman and founding sponsor of Strong Sports Gym. He is also one of the longest standing supporters of Mixed Martial Arts, as the former sponsor for greats Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, and coaches Frank Trigg, Vlad Matyushenko, Kengo Ura, and Mac Danzig. 

Howard is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and is available for private lessons. 

Coach MOE

Coach Moe is the Head Striking Coach and chief architect behind the training methods at Strong Sports Gym. With over 30 years of experience in western combat sports, Moe is a highly sought after trainer and corner man.

A boxing historian and collector, Moe knows all the stories worth telling. He also has a keen interest in exercise physiology and is always on the hunt or the newest and most progressive training techniques. 


Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg is in the UFC Hall of Fame and a legend in the MMA community. he is also a budding stuntman and referee in the sport he loves. In over 30 professional fights, Trigg faced the best of the best during his long and storied career. 

A master coach, Frank possesses a superior working knowledge of the realistic integration of traditional western wrestling in the MMA game. 


Simon Herrera hails from Detroit and brings a mid-western style of boxing to the gym. He spend 12 years at the famed Kronk Gym honing his skills as he trained amateur and professional boxers. 

Simon's style of coaching is cardio-heavy with an emphasis on movement over technique. 

Andrew HAGAR

Andrew Hagar teaches kickboxing in the "Dutch" style, having learned his trade in the hardscrabble gyms in The Netherlands. His technical know how also includes the integration of boxing and wrestling, having formerly taught at top gyms in Los Angeles. 


Don't miss this opportunity to train with one of the best. 


Meynard Ancheta is a BJJ practitioner and expert in traditional Filipino and Chinese Martial Arts. His educational background in educational theory means his classes are expertly structured to get the most out of session. 


To connect the dots between traditional methods and contemporary reality, consider Meynard for private training. 

Coach Reviews

The best of the best...

“Every time I come here I learn something new, some little detail that I've never seen before. It's unreal that after 30 years in wrestling that this can still happen. He showed me something today that blew my mind.”

— Y.W.

They know...

"Coach Moe and Willard Ford are just fantastic boxing coaches who really take the time to oversee your development."

— P.L.

All instructors care...

"The level of detail is like no other. The instructors give clear instructions on what they want you to do and make sure that you understand why you are supposed to do certain things...It's a real system by definition."

— A.G.

The most expert coaching, one-on-one or in a class setting from professionals from around the world.