Strong Sports Gymnasium is a modern facility that features group and individual instruction and expertly selected equipment. Everything you need and nothing you don't.

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After two decades of working out at large, corporate gyms I soon realized that this was vastly different — Individualized attention, an amazing coaching staff of professional athletes, a clean atmosphere, really cool people, workouts that are skill-building, generally fun and so much more...I’ve gained strength, fitness, endurance, faster 5k times, confidence and a new set of friends.
— SL
We are allowed to be nakedly competitive. We are encouraged to be striving and intense. There is no discussion of lean toning or dithering about building bulk. Instead there is: Hold your arms up and punch for three minutes. If you can do it once, do it again. If you can’t, here’s what to do to make sure that next time, you can.
— Zan Romanoff
I am really impressed with this gym. Not only was it two killer classes back to back I took (strength & conditioning and boxing), but the community they have created in the gym was amazing. Everyone was so friendly and inviting.
— JD
I was immediately taken by the contemporary, minimalist design; a rare vision in the world of combat sports. It’s also great to find a great martial arts school that’s not in a strip mall somewhere outside of town
— Fightland
I have been coming here since August 2015 and it is the best combat sports gym that I’ve ever come across. As a massive boxing fan, I’ve always aspired to learn the true fundamentals of the sweet science. Prior to moving to LA from NY in 2014, I trained at many different boxing gyms (Gleasons, Mendez, Kingsway) without learning the proper basics. Now I’ve finally found a gym where the coaches teach proper techniques with real competitive sparring. Moe Drasin and Willard Ford are just fantastic boxing coaches who really take the time to oversee your development...I may never move to another city because of this gym!
— P.L.
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Learn boxing fundamentals in a group setting. Learn the punches, footwork, and strategy needed to engage in one of the oldest sports in the world. All classes include solo exercises, bag and mitt work, and a progressive and safe approach to partner drills and sparring.

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Strength Training

Learn weightlifting fundamentals and stability/mobility exercises. Coaches guide the class through ball and band work, explosive drills, Olympic-style lifts, and other supporting exercises.

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get your workouts right in Conditioning class. Develop your metabolism as you learn the basics of exercise physiology, including how to create a training plan and support it with proper diet and nutrition.

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Learn wrestling, submission grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts. All classes include solo exercises, technique, and a progressive and safe approach to partner drills and sparring.


About SSG

Strong Sports Gym provides full spectrum training, including group and individual instruction, performance and nutritional testing and planning, and injury assessment and treatment. Book a session today with one of our expert coaches. SSG is a mini-Olympic Training Center for everyone, including you.

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1318 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Enter on West Elmyra Street right behind Nick's Cafe and opposite the Los Angeles State Historic Park. For more information, please call 310-800-3999 or email Are you ready? We are waiting to welcome you today.


The facility features ample free parking, a pro shop with best-in-class goods, and luxury amenities presented in a professional and sparkling clean facility. We are conveniently close to all the major highways and public transportation in DTLA. Would you rather get healthy and sharpen your skills or sit in traffic?