A professional training facility.

Four distinct areas comprise Strong Sports Gymnasium. The Boxing section includes a full size ring, heavy bags, overhead timer, and speed and double end bags, all in perfect working order. The Wrestling area features fully padded floors and two walls, all made from compliant materials that minimize the impact of the grappling arts. The Fitness setup houses all the equipment you need for a complete strength and conditioning program: Cardio machines, ergometers, Olympic Weightlifting stations, slide boards, and medicine, Bosu, and therapy balls. The Pro Shop carries only the best brands from international suppliers, as well as a unique selection of memorabilia from the halcyon days of boxing, wrestling, and MMA. Finally, we have the cleanest bathrooms and gym in the history of combat sports. I'm not kidding. To set up an appointment to tour the facility, please click below:




  • $30/day (solo)
  • $30/class
  • $75/all day classes
  • $100/session private training
  • $150/week unlimited classes
  • $159/month unlimited gym only
  • $220/ten pack of classes
  • $275/month and two classes/week
  • $350/month unlimited


  • $99/month gym only
  • $150/month and two classes/week
  • $250/month unlimited


Monday 630am to 930pm
Tuesday 630am to 930pm
Wednesday 630am to 930pm
Thursday 630am to 930pm
Friday 630am to 600pm
Saturday 900am to 400pm

Experience the difference.