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    I am casting a paid web series that will follow a trainer who will give instructions and demonstrations on self defense tactics. Looking for real people with self-defense training, MMA, or military tactical training. Looking forward to discussing the project further. Thank you!
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    Hello Sir and Madam,

    I am Mignon of ESER, glad to contact you introducing new non-invasive healthcare tool.

    We know you have great interest about better idea to lead people a better life. It is pleased to share this new product with you. Via this tool, you could expand and upgrade your service for all your members and clients.

    Vigori Diary has below characters:

    - Provide data of glucose, oxygen saturation, blood flow velocity, pulse, hemoglobin, temperature and humidity

    - Easy and simple to insert any one finger for test

    - Bluetooth linked up to smart watch/mobile APP/cloud platform

    - Track health for all record & change trend

    - 100% NON-invasive without any consumable

    Demo Video:

    This tool is to help people easily track their health, keep a health diary. User can check multiple health index at one time and check all test record from APP. If you have your own cloud system, caregivers can even check data from cloud base. Very easy and convenient to do daily health management.

    Members work out with you can know how healthy they are. Your trainers can be more aware of their own health as well. You could keep healthy diary for them.

    Sincerely look forward to hearing your ideas to discuss further. Our team will contribute ourselves to meet your satisfaction and expectation. Hope we could work together to provide healthcare service, make your business a higher class. Many thanks.

    Have a great week!

    Best regards,

    Mignon Ting

    ESER Health Care Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    Tel : 886 2 2910 1990 # 16

    Fax : 886 2 2910 1940

    Skype ID: mignonting

    E-mail :

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    Hi … Greetings from The Fighters .

    We are manufacturing custom BJJ Gis , Karate , Taekwondo , MMA ,fitness , boxing and compression wears for many schools and clubs around the world for many years .

    Our quality is excellent and prices are unbeatable low with priority services . Please let me know if you have need for your club/school I can offer you more attractive prices .

    Please contact us back for further details .

    Thanks and Regards ,

    M. Arslan

    Sialkot , Pakistan

    Tel: +92-312-7664066
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    I am a UCLA Film student and I am looking for a box ring to film at for a little scene for one of my classes.

    I need the ring for about 3h, there will be 5 people, 1 camera, 1 light and it can be any day at any time.

    I don’t how much of a budget but I would give you full access to the footage and can possibly offer you to shoot a little clip for

    your classes, the location or a specific fighter.

    You can reach me anytime by email or phone 805.539.5294

    On my website you can find some of my work and information if needed:

    I hope to hear from you and have a wonderful thanksgiving!

    All the best

    Marvin Nuecklaus
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    I am looking for a boxing gym to work out near my area. Can you please provide me with pricing details.

    Thank you
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    If i want to get into mma do i have to like pay and fill thinks out?
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    My boss is looking for a boxing gym. He’s interested in Martial Arts. May you please send me information on private lessons for both. Thank you
  • commented 2016-08-05 16:07:22 -0700
    Hi, could you provide more information on which classes complete beginners can join and the pricing?

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  • commented 2016-08-01 09:32:48 -0700

    My boyfriend and I are interested in joining a boxing/ jiu jitsu gym together. Could you please send info about your rates and pricing?

    Thank you!


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    Dear Sir/ Madam

    We are manufacturer and exporter of Weight lifting belts, Boxing MMA and Kick Boxing full range, Karate Suits, Hand wraps and Weight lifting gloves etc.

    We can offer these products with your brand logo in reasonable price with good quality.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Yasir Mughal

    Export Manager

    Knight Industry



    Phone or Whatsapp : +923456264663
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    Hello, I am looking to get back into boxing in addition to learning more out MMA. Currently I am weight training so I was wondering if you guys offer that as well. What’s your pricing? I’d love to hear back! Thanks.

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    M/S New Look Sports manufactures and exports world class Martial Arts, and

    Boxing equipment along with a full line of superior Sportswear. We design

    and create all our products in our own factory using only top quality,

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    Our catalog includes:

    1) Boxing Equipment 2) Martial Arts Equipment / sambo gear

    3) Sportswear

    To further access our full range of products please visit our website at: Be assured that

    your complete satisfaction is our primary objective. Do not hesitate to

    enquire about any item in our inventory or even about special orders suited

    to your particular needs and standards. Similarly don’t hesitate to ask for

    a quotation or product sample. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you


    Our best to you,

    M/S New Look Sports

    ​0092 300 6119010 ( 24 hours live help )
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    I’m interested in membership just need more information about the cost.
  • commented 2016-04-11 11:59:24 -0700

    My name is Tatillana Garcia and I am the Casting Associate Producer for Fit to Fat to Fit. We are currently in the process of looking for trainers who are willing to put themselves through the ultimate test. Here’s a quick run down of the show as well as a link to a full episode for you to watch. Hope you find the concept intriguing and something you’ll be willing to participate in. Please feel free to pass along this information to anyone else you think that might be interested in the show.

    The smash hit Fit To Fat To Fit is now casting season 2 of the inspiring, motivating, and jaw-dropping documentary series.

    A&E and Doron Ofir Casting presents the toughest challenge to the most confident, capable, dedicated, and results oriented personal training professionals in the nation to put your heath, fitness and nutrition skills to the test.

    As a living example, you are devoted, hard working, and unstoppable. You are a sculptor and the builder of your own body and you educate others to create theirs, you save people from themselves, you are a health and wellness guru, a life coach and master personal trainer!

    This is the greatest televised challenge for a personal trainer and It’s time to prove your methods are superior to all others, transform bodies, motivate, and make our deserving clients dreams come true.

    Episode 1:

    Apply at:

    Tatillana Garcia

    Doron Ofir Casting/ Popular Productions

    O: 323-745-5431

    Popular Productions, inc. We are a full service casting and development company with nationwide casting and production contacts. Numerous worldwide network and cable television programs. Producing partners, branding and packaging deals. Independent Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Internet, Broadband, Mobile content and Studio Films.

    This is an online casting call.

    If you are interested in any of our other current television casting opportunities they can be found on our main casting site . Doron Ofir Casting is a legitimate television casting company and our credits can be found on IMDB. We never charge for casting EVER!
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    Hey Guys,

    My name is Josh and I founded a new health conscious start-up, LivWell, based in Philadelphia. We make raw organic plant-based protein blends to be used in shakes, smoothies and more. Nothing is heat processed and we only use the highest quality ingredients we can find.

    I decided to reach out to see if you may have any interest in working with us. It would be a privilege to work with you in any capacity.

    This is our website if you want more info on the products –

    Please let me know if you are interested. I would be excited to send some free samples for you to check out! Looking forward to your response.


    Josh Gimble – Founder

    Instagram: @livwell_nutrition
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    Hey there, I will be in LA for about a month this summer and wanted to train at your gym! Do you guys require long term contracts or can I just sign up for a month of training? Thanks!
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